Fermentation Technician – The Living Apothecary

Department: Quality Assurance

Pay Range: $20-$26 

Job Description: The fermentation technician will oversee the fermentation process of Kefir Water for The Living Apothecary product line of Organic Probiotic Teas. This person is responsible for overseeing the fermentation process of kefir water from start to finish. Fermentation batches happen at minimum twice a week (subject to change).


  • This person is responsible for the maintenance of fermentation records such as kefir water batch cards, but not limited to these batch cards
  • Responsible for recording all quality, sensory, and physical attributes of each batch
  • Responsible for calibrating lab equipment such as scales, pH probes, temperature probes and brix meter
  • Responsible for testing and recording each batch for pH, brix, taste, temperature and aroma
  • Responsible for producing enough volume of kefir water to keep up with TLA production schedules
  • Responsible for weekly kefir water inventory
  • Responsible for cleaning fermentation room, tools and equipment in order to minimize any cross-contamination
  • Responsible for notifying QA Manager of any deviations in batches
  • Responsible for advising your manager or supervisor when you are low on ingredients, tools, etc.
  • Notify supervisor or manager of any production down time, equipment breakdowns, quality and food safety issues/concerns

Supporting Documents:

  1. Kefir Water Batch Card
  2. 3.11 Kefir Process SOP
  3. Kefir Storage Solution Batch Card
  4. 3.10 Vessel SSOP
  5. GMP Policy
  6. Handwashing Procedure

To apply, please send cover letter and resume to info@livingapothecary.com.