Who We Are

Venice Brands seeks to build category leaders. We’re an experienced team of leaders and functional experts who have spent years finding, investing in, and building successful consumer brands. We combine our industry knowledge and networks with robust data analysis to identify emerging market trends, invest in or incubate exciting brands that we feel are uniquely positioned to capitalize on those trends and, most importantly, help these brands scale by providing very hands-on strategic, operating, and financial resources. We are equally comfortable partnering with existing management teams or bringing in additional resources to accelerate growth and support operations, and we are not afraid to roll up our sleeves to play key executive roles ourselves.

We Are Leaders &
Functional Experts

What We Look For

We seek opportunities to build category leaders in partnership with world class management teams, with a primary focus on the food, beverage, personal care, fitness and pet verticals. Our assessment of prospective opportunities typically begins with a thorough look at the category size, growth trends, and competitive landscape. We then look for high-growth brands that have compelling sales velocities, or opportunities to incubate new brands where we feel that there is a meaningful market void that our team can capitalize on. Gross margins are particularly important to us, as we truly believe in building sustainable, profitable businesses and want the ability to invest heavily in sales and marketing to build our brands. Finally, we really enjoy being very actively involved in our brands, with members of our team often playing full-time executive roles, so we want to ensure that management is aligned with that approach.

We Seek Future
Category Leaders

Why We Are Different

Most firms that invest in emerging consumer brands are comprised of former bankers and consultants who seek to allocate capital across many brands each year to build a portfolio for their investors and then provide ad hoc advice and introductions to add value. At Venice Brands, we could not be more different. We seek out only the most compelling opportunities where we truly believe that the brands can become category leaders and where our team of industry leaders and functional experts can build and scale them in deep partnership with management.

We are open to providing growth equity to select brands that fit our vision, but we also incubate brands ourselves and we purchase controlling interests in existing brands where we feel that our experienced bench of operating executives can add substantial value or join to play full-time roles. Part of our strategy is to build a highly differentiated and cross-functional shared services team to work across our brands, providing them with access to superior talent at fractional costs. Finally, having worked with numerous third-party service providers, our team knows which groups deliver maximum impact. Whether they be sales and broker relationships, branding and PR agencies or co-manufacturing facilities and third-party logistics providers, we provide our brands with access to the best-in-class partners.

We Roll Up Our Sleeves
To Add Real Value

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