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Venice Brands is a privately held firm whose mission is to build and scale consumer branded companies that focus on health, wellness and sustainability. We have seven companies in our portfolio today, and we seek to add a new one every 12-18 months, though this is hugely dependent on the quality of the opportunities that arise and our team’s bandwidth to take them on. In terms of process, we typically engage at the concept phase and then, once we are aligned with our co-founders, take the lead in forming the legal structure, hiring the core team, engaging branding and product development firms, and raising the seed capital (which is often provided in whole or in part by our sister investment firm). In addition to creating entirely new companies, we also seek opportunities to acquire existing businesses where we believe that our team’s experience and oversight will allow us to accelerate growth and profitability. As the businesses grow and increase in complexity, we often bring in seasoned executives to oversee them but in select instances we continue to directly oversee the day-to-day management ourselves. We have an in-house shared services team that provides world class talent to our companies in select functions, and we also have an extensive ecosystem that they can tap into on a regular basis. Our goal is to build each of our brands into a sizable, cash-flow generating business with strong customer loyalty and then have the option to strategically exit or to hold them forever.

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What We Look For

Many of the companies in our portfolio were brought to us as concepts, and it is often our role to decide which opportunities to pursue. Given that we only add a new company every 12-18 months, we need to be highly selective. Our assessment begins with our potential co-founders, as we have found this to be by far the strongest indicator of likely success and our team’s personal enjoyment. We look for co-founders who are truly distinctive in their field — whether that is an established celebrity, a pair of Michelin Star chefs or a seasoned date farmer — and who are passionate about the mission of the company that we would create and build together. We then look at the category size, growth trends and competitive landscape, as well as the broader supply chain and risk factors. The ability to achieve sustainably high gross margins is particularly important to us, as we want to deliver premium quality products and services to our customers, while continually investing in sales, marketing and product development. We also want our companies to make real profit, usually targeting a clear path to 10-20% EBITDA margins. Finally, we focus on brands that further our mission to promote health, wellness and sustainability. We want to wake up every day excited about the impact of our work.

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Creating new companies from scratch is incredibly exciting, time-consuming and rewarding. Purchasing an existing company and putting our stamp on it is also a sizable effort. We feel particularly lucky to have been able to partner with some amazing people, as designing an entirely new consumer brand and product portfolio can sometimes take multiple years from concept through launch, and then the real work begins to grow, scale and optimize them. Notable brands we created and continue to oversee include Joolies and Desert Valley Date (alongside Kohl Family Farm), KinderFarms (alongside Jeremy Adams and Jessica Biel), Mayweather Boxing + Fitness (alongside Floyd Mayweather Jr. and James Williams), Enroot (alongside Brad Pitt and FactoryMade Ventures), Only Skin (alongside January Olds), and Bread Head Restaurant Group (alongside Alex Williams, Jordan Snyder and Michael Pasternak).

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