Who We Are

Venice Brands builds category leaders in partnership with world-class management teams, with a focus on health, wellness and sustainability. We’re an experienced team of leaders and functional experts who have spent decades founding, investing in and scaling successful consumer brands. We engage in a combination of developing brands ourselves where we play the role of the entrepreneur, making venture capital and growth equity investments into existing brands, and purchasing controlling stakes in cash-flow positive businesses. We combine our industry knowledge and networks with data analysis to identify emerging market trends, invest in or create exciting brands that are uniquely positioned to capitalize on those trends, and then help these brands scale by providing hands-on strategic, operating, and financial resources. Our model is unique, and that’s what excites us.

We Are Experts In
Building Consumer Brands

What We Look For

Our goal is to build industry leading brands that have truly differentiated products, strong customer loyalty and attractive cash flow profiles. Our assessment of prospective opportunities typically begins with a thorough analysis of the category size, growth trends, and competitive landscape. We then look for high-growth brands with engaged consumer bases or opportunities to build new brands ourselves where we feel that we can create a sustainable source of differentiation. Margins are particularly important to us, as we want to deliver high quality products and services to our consumers, while continually investing in sales and marketing to effectively build our brands. We also want our businesses to make real profit. Finally, we focus on brands that further our mission to promote health, wellness and sustainability. We want to wake up every day excited about the impact of our work!

We Create Brands Ourselves
& Make Select Investments

Why We Are Different

We focus our efforts on brands where our experienced team can build and scale them in deep partnership with management. We enjoy being very actively involved in our brands, with members of our team often playing full-time executive roles in key functions such as marketing and finance, so we want to ensure that management is aligned with our “hands on” approach. We are also continuing to build out our highly-differentiated and cross-functional shared services team that works across many of our brands, providing them with access to excellent talent at fractional costs. Finally, having worked with numerous third-party service providers, our team knows which firms deliver maximum impact. Whether they be sales and broker relationships, branding and PR agencies or co-manufacturing facilities and third-party logistics providers, we provide our brands with access to the best-in-class partners.

We Roll Up Our Sleeves
Alongside Management

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