Our Brands

Venice Brands creates brands from scratch when we feel that there is a compelling market opportunity that our team can uniquely execute upon. In these instances, we take the position of the entrepreneur where we set up the company and own the founder equity, often alongside a co-founder. We then focus on creating a highly-differentiated brand, an exciting product portfolio that has strong gross margins, and a world-class team. We typically finance new brands with our own capital until we are ready to launch, at which point we open up a convertible note or a preferred equity round. Our goal is to build businesses that can become long-term category leaders, achieve profitability quickly and get to 20%+ EBITDA margins once they scale.

Venice Brands selectively invests growth capital into existing brands that we believe can become category leaders with strong revenue and EBITDA profiles. We target brands with run rate sales between $5 million and $15 million, impressive management teams, compelling consumer adoption signals, and strong gross margins. We then help them scale by providing strategic, operating and financial resources. More often than not, we are the lead investor when we participate in an investment round, typically taking at least one board seat and holding meaningful consent rights. Given our industry experience and connections plus the fact that we are also building our own brands in parallel, we believe that we are a uniquely valuable partner.

Venice Brands will purchase majority stakes, from 51% up to 100%, in brands that we believe have a very solid foundation that our team can expand upon. Our check sizes have ranged from a few million dollars up to over $50 million depending on the stage, growth rate and profitability of the companies that we are acquiring. While we are open to opportunities where we bring in an entirely new management team, we prefer those where we can partner with existing management and fill in gaps as needed. In all cases, our goal is to leverage our sales and marketing expertise to accelerate growth and consumer adoption.