Supply Chain Coordinator – Joolies

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Company Background:  Joolies is one of the largest Organic Medjool Date growers in California.  Our organic farm is based in the sunny Coachella Valley with our HQ based in Santa Monica.  Medjool Dates, also known as the king of dates, have been loved and appreciated for centuries for the incredible benefits and luscious taste.  Although the Farm has been well established, the initiative to sell and market our own Organic Dates is new.  We are a fast growing, healthy food start-up seeking to associate with those who share our passion and energy for spreading the word on the delicious nutritious benefits of Organic Medjool Dates.

Description:  The Supply Chain Coordinator reports directly to the Director of Operations and provides operational administrative support to bridge the gap between sales, logistics and operations. As we begin to build out our Operational and Logistics functionality the Supply Chain Coordinator will help manage various aspects of the business.


  • Collaborate with 3PL team to oversee logistics management
  • Prioritize getting things done the right way to maintain brand, product, and most importantly; organic integrity
  • Build, maintain, and communicate inventory details to necessary departments
  • Track requests for samples and provide needed communication between sales and operations
  • Provide cross-team support before, during, and after all sales
  • Coordinate with suppliers and contract manufactures understanding lead times, production capability, as well as matching inventory to sales forecasts and order
  • Assist operations, sales and logistics with order management
  • Work with necessary stakeholders to facilitate international expansion at the order management level
  • Assist with order processing data in warehouse management system
  • Provide order processing support and visibility for finance and transportation operations
  • Drive analyses on operations projects and important strategic decisions
  • Identify operational weaknesses and help improve and innovate new processes to drive efficiencies across our business
  • Maintain job posting, filter resumes, and screen candidates for Logistics Team


  • Bachelor’s degree in Business, Operations, Supply chain or related field
  • At least 1 year of experience in a data-driven
  • Proven capability to juggle multiple projects and hit tight deadlines
  • Strong organizational skills including extremely high attention-to-detail
  • Advanced Excel skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Desire to work in a fast-paced environment


  • Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Salary: Commensurate with experience

Interested candidates should send an email and resume to